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Zenmuse X4S FAQ
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Zenmuse X4S FAQ

Zenmuse X4S Specs

1. How is the Zenmuse X5S different from Zenmuse X4S?

While both cameras capture 20 megapixel photos, the X4S features a 1-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor and a fixed prime lens specially designed to fit the sensor and the imaging engine. Additionally, the X4S captures 4K video in the H.264 and H.265 formats.
The Zenmuse X5S features a M4/3 sensor and an interchangeable lens mount for M4/3 lenses. Combined with the Inspire 2’s internal CineCore 2.0 image processing system, the Zenmuse X5S can capture video H.264 and H.265 formats as well as CinemaDNG and 
Apple ProRes and is suitable for a wide range of professional film-making and television production applications.

2. How is the Zenmuse X4S different from the Zenmuse X3?

The Zenmuse X4S is different from the Zenmuse X3 in the following ways:
a. The image sensor on the Zenmuse X4S has been upgraded to 1-inch and 20 megapixels, meaning less noise, higher dynamic range and more powerful color expression. In comparison, the Zenmuse X3 features a 1/2.3-inch, 12 megapixel sensor.
b. The Zenmuse X4S’s high-resolution lens is ultra-compact and equipped with a manually adjustable aperture, quick Auto Focus and a Leaf Shutter.
c. In addition to 20 megapixel photos, the X4S can also shoot over-sampled video at 4096x2160/60fps and supports a maximum bit-rate of 100Mbps as well as H.265 encoding for superior image quality.

3. Can I use the Zenmuse X4S separately as a stand-alone camera?

No. The Zenmuse X4S must be used with the Inspire 2. It will be supported on additional products in future.

4. Should I remove the lens hood?

No. The lens hood protects the lens from dirt and damage.

5. How do I use Auto Focus (AF)?

Equipped with a quick AF function, the Zenmuse X4S has a focus range of 1m to infinity. For best results, we recommend that you focus before shooting. To do this, open the DJI GO app and tap the screen to focus (you might need to change Focus or Metering modes first). Focusing on a patterned area makes AF quicker and more accurate.

6. What kinds of exposure modes does the Zenmuse X4S support?

The X4S features an adjustable aperture and supports four exposure modes: Program (P), Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Priority (S) and Manual (M).

7. Does the Zenmuse X4S have a zoom function?

No. The Zenmuse X4S does not support optical zoom.

8. How do I use the Leaf Shutter?

The Zenmuse X4S’s Leaf Shutter will automatically engage when the shutter speed is below or slower than 1/2000s. The Zenmuse X4S’s Leaf Shutter will automatically engage when the shutter speed is below or slower than 1/2000s. The Leaf Shutter cuts out electronic rolling shutter distortion and prevents motion blur when shooting fast moving objects.

9. How is the H.265 codec superior to H.264?

H.265 is the new video compression standard that follows H.264. H.265 has 50% more information, better compression performance and a lower bandwidth utilization ratio. Please be aware that you will need an upgraded device to play or decode H.265 video.

10. Does the Zenmuse X4S support CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes video formats?

No. The Zenmuse X4S does not support either format.
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